About M3

M3 Manufacturing are suppliers of commercial sanitizing, cleaning, personal health care products and materials & storing and warehousing of raw materials. With increasing the development of the shipping industry in Southern Africa, M3 Warehousing & Manufacturing  was established in 2018  by Worrick S. Fulton. The company has ever since grown in stature in the competitive industry by keeping up to its promise of personalized and professional service to its clients, and also by finding innovative and cost effective solutions.


M3 Manufacturing (PTY) LTD has been a specialist in the commercial chemical cleaning industry for over 5 years. The Owner and founder Worrick Fulton is an expert in the industry with over 12 years’ experience in the supply and manufacturing of commercial cleaning products.

Company data

  • M3 Manufactures has employed up to 120 full time staff members in order to complete big orders
  • Production – 9hr / 5 day a week on a shift basis.
  • Mondays to Thursdays from 7:30am – 16:30pm & Fridays 7:30am – 15:00pm.
  • Manufacturing plant and batch production line is housed in a 6000 square meter facility.

Secure raw material supply chain:  Due to the Hi-demand M3 Manufacturing has secured long term supply agreements for our raw materials as well as increasing the onsite bulk storage capacity to:

  • Fully Denatured 96.4% Ethanol – 100 000lt held on site at any given time.
  • Finished product storage capacity in distribution yard – 250 000lt.
  • Packaging is constantly being sourced from various suppliers which we have been working with for over 10 years.

On – Site Batch production Line

M3 Manufacturing has multiple product ranges and our production lines have be designed and ergonomically positioned to ensure the maximum output whilst always focusing on quality control.

  • All items produced are batched and labelled with a unique batch number.
  • Samples of All batches are taken and tested for quality assurance.
  • Samples are stored for 30 days from production and results are kept for 12 months after production.

Production Capacity

M3 Manufacturing can produce the following quantities per day.

  • 40 000Lt Liquid Sanitiser.
  • 20 000Lt Gel Sanitiser.
  • 20 000Lt Other line items.

Filling and packaging Lines On-Site

  • 12 Liquid filling lines
  • 8 bottling, Labelling and packaging lines
  • Due to the nature of the business our manufacturing lines are versatile and we are able to change the processes to tailor the batch to our customers needs.
  • We also have other operational lines running for personal protection equipment.

Storage & Warehousing of Raw Materials

Our clients get targeted, focused, and fulfilled warehousing, designed to provide an outsourced warehouse solution that works for each company’s specific needs. Our one-on-one relationship with each client, provides convenience, flexibility and cost-effective warehousing management services to a variety of industries.